On this website, you will find music that I have composed, arranged and transcribed. I hope you enjoy all the music that I have to offer. To obtain hard copies, please email me at lwbandermann@att.net.

*** Scores of all pieces not in, or not scheduled for publication will be posted next to the recording. Look for the ♫ symbol. Visit back often for updates. ***

Updated: October 31, 2015
-Added Chinar Merjanian to ORGAN/Fugues/On Names section
-Added Trumpet Tune No. 6 to ORGAN/Trumpet Tunes section
-Added Prelude from 'Petite Mess Solenne' (Rossini) to ORGAN/Transcriptions section

Updated: October 17, 2015
-Added Gigue for the New Year to PIANO section
-Added Thilo's Lullaby to PIANO/Lullabies section
-Added Berceuse for Thilo, For Trinity Sunday, and Ostinato and Fugato No. 2 to ORGAN/Voluntaries section
-Added Prelude from Christmas Oratorio (Saint-Saens) to ORGAN/Transcriptions section
-Added Variations in C-Major and Stoic and Stalwart to PIANO/Variations section
-Added O Heavenly Word, Eternal Light to PIANO/Choral Preludes/General section
-Added Fughetta on the Danish 'Amen', Fugue in C-Major on a Theme by Schumann, Fugue and Fluff No. 2, Merry Little Fugue, Fugue on the names 'Maretha' and 'Anna Poklewski' to PIANO/Fugue section

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