On this website, you will find music that I have composed, arranged and transcribed. I hope you enjoy all the music that I have to offer. To obtain hard copies, please email me at lwbandermann@att.net.

Updated: October 24, 2014

*ORGAN section
-Added Litanies No. 6 - 9 in Litanies section
-Added Fugue on 'Ellen in Fugues section
-Updated Little March in Voluntaries section

Updated: October 17, 2014

*ORGAN section
-Added Our National Anthem with Quotation from 'America', Theme by Dan Shutte, and The Navy Hymn in Postlude section
-Added Fugue on the Name 'Rumi' in Fugues/On Names section
-Updated Fugue on the Letter 'E' in Fugues section
-Added Elegy No. 7 in Elegies section
-Added Fisk of Gloucester and Racing against the Clock in Toccatas section
-Updated Die Stern in Variations and Themes section

*PIANO section
-Added Fugue on the Name 'Franz Peter' in Fugues section
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