On this website, you will find music that I have composed, arranged and transcribed. I hope you enjoy all the music that I have to offer. To obtain hard copies, please email me at lwbandermann@att.net.

*** Scores of all pieces not in, or not scheduled for publication will be posted next to the recording. Look for the ♫ symbol. Visit back often for updates. ***

Updated: February 4, 2016
-Added Christine, Margaret Kvamme, and Margaret Martin to ORGAN/Fugues/On Names section
-Added Fugue in C-Major and Fugue in d to ORGAN/Fugues section
-Added Gigue in C, Gigue in d, and Ostinato and Fugato No. 1 to ORGAN/Voluntaries section
-Added A Spotless Rose to ORGAN/Transcription section
-Added Fanfare No 9 to ORGAN/Fanfare section
-Added Open My Eyes (Manibusan) to ORGAN/Choral Preludes/Faith section
-Added Litany No 16 to ORGAN/Litanies section
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